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The answer to all those questions is Yes!


This page is designed to help those who live from paycheck to paycheck and those with low income due to very limited available employment opportunities with no chances for improvement. Here you will learn how to build a successful online business starting from scratch with absolutely no experience and with very limited or no funds.

But keep in mind that this will not be an instant 'rags to riches' success story and that time and effort is required. But with consistent effort, starting off small will develop into something much more lucrative.

To build a successful business from nothing into a sustainable income, you first need to take some basic practical steps. Initially it will feel like you are trying to fill up a bucket with water one drop at a time. But don't give up! Before you know it, the bucket will be full, as the drops will become bigger over time.

On a positive note, it is not difficult, but it will require diligence, consistency and above all patience.


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The first thing is to get some capital behind you and a place to store that capital. Since many online businesses now use PayPal as an option to transfer and receive cash payments, then it would make sense to open an account with PayPal. These are free to open and have no account keeping fees and, unlike a traditional bank account, you don't need to deposit any funds to open your account. To open a PayPal account, you will need an email address. These are also easy to obtain and free to open.

If PayPal is not available in your locality, then there are other options available for you to use such as Skrill, Payoneer, Stripe and others.

Where can I find legitimate opportunities?

The quickest legitimate way to get some cash in your PayPal account is by doing surveys. You will find some of these with links on my 'opportunities' page. I know they can be boring, but doing surveys is the easiest way to build up some capital in your PayPal account. You don't need any experience and they are totally free to join. You do need to fill out a profile, but it's worth spending the time doing this as you will receive more surveys based on your profile information.

Remember that your initial goal is to get some capital behind you to use for starting a successful business.

I must mention that you will not make a fulltime income doing surveys, but they are an ideal way to earn some quick cash and they can be done anytime when you have some spare time. As you may not qualify to complete all surveys you are offered, it's a good idea to join a few survey companies to increase the amount you are offered. Another important key to receiving more surveys is in being totally honest with your answers.

Be patient. When you reach the minimum payout amount, you can then redeem this into your PayPal account. This amount will vary depending on the survey company you choose to go with. Redeeming around $5, $10, $20, $30 or more per week is very achievable, which will depend on the availability of surveys you qualify for. To get paid, make sure that you use the same email address for survey sites that you use with your PayPal account.

Once you have available cash in your PayPal account, use that money to invest in yourself. You can do that by doing some short online courses that teach you about different online marketing methods. Keep in mind that there are also many free courses you can find on YouTube and other social media platforms, covering different ways to earn income online.

The basic thought here is to use your PayPal cash for educating, developing and to equip yourself for building your online business. So, in short, make this money work for you.


A common saying is: 'If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is'.

It is easy to become side-tracked by many offers and promises of making big dollars for little or no effort on YouTube and other social media platforms. Remember that not everything that glitters is gold. So don't fall victim to empty promises and scammers. Do your research. Read the small print as it were. Make sure that any opportunity presented is legitimate, transparent and legal.

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Most people have social media accounts. These are great platforms to use to earn online income and they too are free to join.

It is a good idea to first become familiar with the do's and don'ts with any social media platform you use. You can familiarize yourself with these by reading the sites 'terms and conditions'. There are also many free short courses available on how to use social media platforms correctly to build a successful online Presence.

Since many companies today use social media platforms to promote their business, many paid 'Work from Home' jobs have become available in maintaining these sites for those businesses. If you already spend time on social media, then why not get paid for doing what you enjoy. This is an interesting way to earn regular income online. Explore the links for social media jobs on my 'opportunities' page.

These jobs will often require some initial training to get you started and will cost a small fee to do but can be paid for using the available cash you have built up in your PayPal account.

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Without doubt, the most cost-effective way to earn a regular sustainable online income is through affiliate marketing. Basically, you promote another company's products and receive a commission on every sale. These could be physical products, digital products, online courses and so on.

Although you can promote these products directly on some social media platforms, it is more professional and advisable to have a website or a landing page for this purpose.

The easiest way to direct traffic as an affiliate is to have a landing page. These do not have to be complicated. They just need to have the basic information of the product you are promoting with a link to the company's sale page. Many businesses offer you the use of banners with a link for this purpose that you can display on your landing page.

Be mindful to always check the 'do's and don'ts' of how you promote any product.

By researching online, you can find sites that offer custom landing pages you can use at no cost. And many have ready to use templates for you to choose from.

Once you have your landing page set up with the appropriate links directing potential customers to a sales page, all you need to do now is promote your landing page on your social media account.

If you would like to learn every aspect of building a sustainable online business and creating your own website or landing page, you will find everything you need here.

With your landing page set up an starting your first sales campaign, all you need is patience, while you keep promoting your business. In the meantime, keep developing yourself by learning additional digital skills through the many online short courses available, both paid and free. YouTube is a great source to increase your knowledge and digital skills.

Keep doing surveys as time permits, as this will keep some regular cash flow pouring in that you can use to invest into your business or to develop yourself further.

Be mindful that your landing does not have to be perfect when you first start out. You will improve over time as you learn and develop your knowledge and skills. A common saying is that: you have to learn to walk before you can run. This saying is very applicable in learning to build an online business. So never become discouraged when things don't appear to move as fast as you feel they should. Stay committed to what you set out to achieve, keep your mind on the end results and put in the effort to reach them. One day you will thank yourself for not giving up.

When someone visits your landing page and clicks on the link, the companies sales page does all the work for you. When a sale has been made, then you will receive your commission.

Once you start earning income, there is no looking back. Before long, you will be able to walk away from your traditional 9 to 5 job and enjoy more quality time with your family and friends, more time for hobbies and other interests, and a better lifestyle with more freedom to work when you want and where you want.

I sincerely hope that this page has helped you in some ways to at least gain a bit of knowledge to earn additional income or given you more confidence to embark on a life changing career move. I wish you much success in your journey to a sustainable laptop lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email via the contacts page. I will personally reply to all genuine enquiries.

Regards Anton.


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