If you are happy with your job but would like some extra cash for little effort, then this page is for you.

Here I will highlight some simple ways for you to earn extra money without the need to work a second job.

These can be done at anytime, anywhere and on any device with internet connection. And they are free to join.

I must mention that you won't earn a full-time income with most of these, but they are a fun and effortless way to earn some extra cash.


Not ready to commit just yet?

A bit skeptical about earning money online and a bit hesitant, but interested to earn some extra cash? Then why not try some surveys?

Doing surveys is a simple and a great way to start. I must stress that you won't make a full-time income doing these, but they are easy ways to earn some extra cash. They are convenient, flexible and enjoyable and require no specialized skills and can be done in almost any location. All you need is your favorite device with internet connection.

When it comes to all survey sites, you have to be truthful in all your answers and responses. They are looking for honest opinions and observations and so there are no right or wrong answers.

To help you save time, I will introduce you to survey sites that I personally use to earn some extra cash. I only promote surveys sites here that I have personally earned and redeemed cash rewards with.

To start earning simply click on the link button, open a profile account and you are ready to earn some extra cash.

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Once started, your site profile will determine what type of surveys you will get to do and how many you get offered to complete. Always check your emails because there you will get invited to complete surveys based on your profile details.

Depending which country you live in will also determine the number of surveys you are offered to complete. If this is the situation in your case, then joining more survey sites may increase the amount of surveys for you.

If you 'screen out' when starting a survey, it most likely means that the survey quota has been filled or your profile doesn't match the criteria for the targeted market. But keep trying because once you finish one survey then you will be offered more.

The more surveys you complete then the more surveys you will be asked to do. The idea is to be consistent and reliable.

At different times you may also get invited to be part of a panel to discuss various subjects or products. This may include taking part in a telephone link group chat or via video conference. These pay quite well for your time, but it remains up to you whether to do these or not.

You may also be invited to test out physical products at your home. You try out the products sent to you and give your honest thoughts about it. These also pay quite well and, in most cases, you get to keep the product you tested.

As a reminder, you will not earn a full-time income doing surveys. But these are ideal ways for you to earn a little extra cash in your spare time, such as commuting on public transport to your job or while relaxing in bed shortly before you go to sleep.


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This survey site is easy to join, surveys are of a reasonable length, so points accumulate fairly quickly. Points can be redeemed for cash and gets paid within 24 hours into your PayPal account.

This site has many other payment options including gift cards for you to choose from.

Like all survey sites, the more details you have in your account profile then the more surveys you get offered to complete. The more reliable and consistent you are, then the more surveys you get. By doing 2 surveys per day, redeeming your cash weekly is easily achieved.

Keep in mind that you won't make a full-time income doing surveys, but they are free to join and an easy way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

Easy cash for your opinions.



This is another survey site that I have used for some time now to earn some extra cash.

Surveys here on average take between 3 to 20 minutes to complete, so they can be done while commuting to work on public transport, watching TV or sitting in a busy waiting room.

The surveys are easy, enjoyable and points will accumulate quickly. Points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. PayPal cash payments are in $US and paid within about 24 hours.

Do a couple of surveys per day and you can easily redeem your points for cash weekly.

As a reminder, you won't make a full-time income doing these, but it is very convenient to earn some extra weekly cash and they are free to join.

Some extra cash for little effort. Try it out.

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What could you use extra cash for?

Just think: If you redeem just $50 per month and place it in a savings account without spending it, in one year you will have accumulated at least $600 to use towards presents and other stuff for your family and friends without cutting into your household budget or maxing out your credit cards.

Imagine what another $75 or $100 bucks or potentially more per month could do for you.

Why not try this fun effortless way to earn some extra cash.

Learn to earn full time income here

The potential to create a better lifestyle for you and those you care for is very real. And the opportunities are virtually unlimited.

But it all starts by laying a solid foundation to build a sustainable business on.

And there is no better place to lay that foundation than right here.



Keep tuning in as I present more tried and tested online opportunities for some extra cash.

But for a solid foundation to build a sustainable online business, there is no better place to start your journey than here.


REWARDIA is another legitimate survey site that I use regularly for extra cash. Here you can complete surveys and also get paid to play games and comment on polls. Playing games doesn't pay very much, but they are fun to do and are a nice break between doing surveys or just to relax. And if you 'screen out' or your profile doesn't meet the correct criteria while doing a survey, you will still be rewarded with a few points for trying.

The quickest way to earn points is to do the short surveys offering the highest points.

Points accumulate quite rapidly and can be redeemed for cash. Minimum payout is $50 and is transferred directly into your bank account usually within 5 days. It is also free to join.

I enjoy doing a couple of surveys while in bed at night or relax playing some games while listening to my favorite music.

Try some surveys and play some games. An effortless way to earn some extra cash.


Swagbucks is also a site I have been using for some time now. You can get paid to complete surveys, play games, get cash back offers on shopping and many other interesting ways for some extra rewards.

You can also earn points by using their Search engine to view websites.

This site is ideal if you enjoy playing games or getting online shopping bargains with cash back offers.

Points accumulate very quickly and can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Why not take a closer look at Swagbucks and see the many legitimate ways that you could earn extra cash.

When you join, it's a good idea to read the do's and don'ts on how to earn points.

Play some games, grab a bargain and have fun earning some extra cash.

There are other survey sites I will present here in the future for you to earn some extra cash for minimal effort.

Plus, I will be adding other tried and tested ways to earn some extra cash, so stay tuned.

Any questions or suggestions, please shoot me an email via the 'contacts' page. Don't worry, you will not be bombarded by unwarranted emails or spam. You will be communicating with me directly and not an autoresponder program.

If you are looking to earn a full-time income or would like to learn how to build your own online business, then click on the button below. To build a sustainable business you need a solid foundation. And there is no better place to start than here.


FREECASH is another legitimate site to earn some extra cash and is perfect for those who enjoy variety. Here you can do surveys, test out apps or you can choose to play from a large selection of games and challenges and more.

When first starting, you may find the layout a bit busy looking, so it may take some time to become familiar with this site. But once you know how to navigate this site, then redeeming your rewards on a daily basis is potentially achievable.

Like all survey sites, you won't make a full-time income here, but it is ideal for some extra cash while having some fun. Points accumulate fairly quickly and can be redeemed using a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin.

If you like to earn some cash playing games, then try this site.


SURVEOO is a another survey site where you can earn legitimate cash.

Like all survey sites, you won't become wealthy doing these but it's a fun and enjoyable way to earn some extra cash rewards.

You receive regular email invitations to complete surveys specifically suited to your profile information.

Points accumulate steadily and can be redeemed for cash rewards.

So, if you have moments in life where you are just sitting around and waiting, perhaps on public transport going to a job, sitting in a Doctors waiting room, then why not do a survey.

Have fun making extra cash.


TOLUNA is another legitimate site that I use to earn some regular extra cash and is also the first site that I joined.

Here you can do surveys or relax by playing a few games. There is also a community you can join for extra fun if you have the time.

You receive regular emails about available surveys specific to your profile information.

Like all survey sites, you won't make a full-time income here, but it's ideal for some extra cash. Points accumulate rather quickly and can be redeemed using a variety of payment methods. The minimum redemption is $20 and by doing 2 surveys per day can be easily earned within a week.

If you could use some extra cash while having fun, then try this site.

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